Drunk Driving (DUI / DWI)

It is important to hire a competent DUI attorney immediately after your arrest. You need to be advised of your legal rights and responsibilities. A drunk driving (DUI / DWI) conviction can lead to potential jail time, fines, license revocation, or community service. On the 46th day after you are arrested for drunk driving (DUI / DWI) you will lose your license. To avoid license suspension and preserve your driving rights you should hire a DUI lawyer to challenge that suspension in court before the 46th day takes place. As your DUI attorney, we will fight for all your legal rights, including retaining driving privileges, keeping you out of jail and keeping a DUI conviction off your record.

Morrison & Morrison has been successfully defending DUI charges for its clients for over 15 years. Donald J. Morrison, who handles all DUI defense cases for the firm, was a former Assistant State’s Attorney who prosecuted thousands of DUI offenses, including numerous felony DUI’s and reckless homicides. Since then, he has successfully defended hundreds of defendants charged with DUI.  

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