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When a loved one is harmed by nursing home negligence or abuse, the family members often feel partially responsible due to their decision to place the individual in the nursing home. However, when living at home is no longer a feasible option, the nursing home or assisted living facility becomes the only choice. The attorneys at Morrison & Morrison comprehend your frustration and devastation. We provide strong advocacy to nursing home abuse victims and their families. Contact our Waukegan law firm to discuss your case.

Elderly individuals are sometimes incapable of telling their families that they are being physically or sexually abused, or that they are being hurt by negligence or harmful conditions in their nursing home. Therefore, by the time the family becomes aware of the problem, the elderly individual has already suffered serious physical or emotional trauma and potentially even wrongful death. Our elder abuse lawyers stand firm on our belief that these individuals have rights and deserve to have a voice. We stand up for clients by holding doctors, nurses, nursing home administrators, staff and assisted living facilities accountable for their failure to provide residents with proper care.

If a loved one has suffered from nursing home negligence which resulted in an injury a lawsuit against the nursing home or responsible party may be the answer. We pursue rightful compensation which sends a clear message to the nursing home – negligent or abusive care is not OK and will not be tolerated.

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