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Morrison & Morrison in Waukegan, Illinois, represents commercial and Residential clients involving real estate litigation matters.

Savvy Real Estate Attorneys

Some states legally require a real estate attorney to be present for any and all property transactions. While Illinois is not one of these states that require an attorney for real estate dealings by law, this does not in any way mean that you do not need one. Real estate transactions, in this modern era, have become particularly standardized, so it is definitely possible that you and your real estate agent could be able to file all of the required paperwork without any problems arising.

There are many times, however, when buyers and sellers can find themselves facing serious contractual issues with incredibly significant consequences. These types of issues need to be handled by a real estate attorney in Lake County, IL right away. If you or your real estate agent can foresee a possible or probably contract issue, you should immediately seek out a qualified Lake County real estate attorney, before it becomes too late. 

There are several issues that do quite frequently come up during a real estate transaction. Perhaps, for instance, there is currently a tenant living on the property that you are buying. You could potentially find out that a lien was placed on the property. When a surprise is discovered right in the middle of your real estate transaction in Lake County, IL a real estate attorney should be promptly contacted.

Zoning Matters

Do you own property that is zoned as residential but you want it to be commercial property? We can help you ask for permits to achieve this goal and if you are denied, our lawyers can file a lawsuit on your behalf. In addition, we advise clients on issues relating to zoning variances and special use permits.

Zoning Annexation

If you own property that is not incorporated and want to annex it under another county contact our real estate lawyers for assistance.

Failure to Disclose

Have you just purchased what was supposed to be your dream house only to discover it has significant water damage? When you purchase a house, the previous owner has an obligation to disclose if there are any problems with the house. If they do not give full disclosure, act immediately and bring a failure to disclose lawsuit against the previous owner. We will help you protect your most important investment – your home.

Property Disputes

We represent home owners and business owners in all types of property and neighbor disputes, including those involving easements, boundary disputes, rights-of-way, title claims, property damage, and nuisance.

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