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Our client’s primary care physician prescribed unopposed estrogen to treat her menopausal symptoms even though she had not yet had a hysterectomy–-when prescribing unopposed estrogen in such a patient significantly increases the risk of developing endometrial cancer. Client was diagnosed with Stage III endometrial cancer in December 2013, and underwent a radical hysterectomy followed by several rounds of chemotherapy. Despite aggressive treatment, the cancer metastasized, and client has a greatly decreased life expectancy. This case equals the largest reported medical malpractice settlement in Kane County history.


In 2018 Morrison & Morrison, settled a wrongful death/medical malpractice case against a confidential hospital in a collar county. 36 year old male was admitted to hospital for a routine knee replacement surgery. Two days post-op, he was administered a potent narcotic pain medication (Dilaudid), but the nursing staff failed to monitor his vital signs once he was started on Dilaudid. As a result, he suffered severe respiratory distress and died. He is survived by his wife and 4 minor children.


Sixty-one year old male was diagnosed with stage IV stomach cancer metastasized to the liver and given eight months to live with chemotherapy. The family decided to attempt alternative treatment with defendant chiropractic doctor at a clinic known as Total Health. The alternative treatment included restricted diet, colonic hydrotherapy, and supplements. The diet, therapy and supplements were contra-indicated for someone in the patient’s condition and caused him to become dehydrated, caused acute renal failure, and death within two weeks of being admitted to the clinic. Defendant offered $50,000 prior to trial.
Estate of Walter Mankowski v. Total Health, Lake County Case No. 11 L 276


Eight month old boy was staying with his mother and her boyfriend at Best Inns Hotel in Waukegan when the boyfriend placed the plaintiff under hot water (150̊) from the faucet in the tub while the boy’s mother was at work. The young boy suffered third degree burns over 68% of his body, has undergone numerous surgeries, and is permanently scarred and disfigured. Industry standard calls for water temperature to be capped at 115̊ to 120̊.
Jean Muno v. Better Value Inns, Inc., Lake County Case No. 07 L 928


Fifty-six year old male was operating a vehicle on Route 22 in Barrington, Lake County, Illinois when he was rearended by an auto parts truck. He suffered a compression fracture in his lumbar vertebrae which was surgically repaired with great success. He also received a closed head injury which resulted in post-concussion syndrome and seizures. Morrison & Morrison, successfully alleged punitive damages against the driver of the truck due to excessive speed. This case was pending in court for nearly three years, and ultimately settled just prior to trial.
Raymond Balke v. Ryan Fetterolf and Greenfield Pontiac Buick GMC, Inc., Lake County Case No. 00 L 201


Morrison & Morrison, represented R.A.H. Production center which owned a movie production studio adjacent to the Dan Ryan Expressway, producing such popular productions as “ER” and “Chicago Hope.” Morrison & Morrison, proved at trial that a construction company performing work on the Dan Ryan Expressway damaged one of the walls of the production studio while excavating and pile driving an area next to the studio. The jury awarded plaintiffs $450,000 for the repair of the building, and $4.3 million for loss of business as a result of the damage to the movie production studio. Defendants offered $250,000 prior to trial.
Robert A. Hudecek v. Thomas M. Madden Co., Cook County Case No. 95 L 16812


A Lake County infant was badly burned after opening the lower broiler door on a gas range manufactured by confidential appliance manufacturer. The minor received second and third degree burns to his right hand, both of his cheeks, nose, and forehead. A skin graft surgery was successfully completed on the infant and the burns to his facial area healed rather successfully with minimal scarring. Morrison & Morrison, proceeded to a federal jury trial and during its case, was able to prove that the lower broiler door was defectively designed because it was too easy to open. Morrison & Morrison, also proved at trial that two other infants were similarly injured by the same model of gas range manufactured by defendant, and that defendant had actually developed plans to add a spring to the broiler door, but never implemented the design change. The case settled in the middle of trial for $1 million.


A 59-year-old female had a lower back injury and underwent a lumbar epidural procedure under conscious sedation in an operating room at Vista Medical Center East. After this procedure was completed, the nurse left her alone on the surgical table momentarily. Plaintiff fell off of the operating room table, suffering a head laceration and a concussion. Morrison & Morrison, was able to prove that as a result of this closed head injury, plaintiff sustained post-concussion syndrome which included headaches, dizziness, cognitive impairment, memory loss, and neck pain. The hospital offered $75,000 prior to trial.
Antoinette Pinto v. Vista Medical Center East, Lake County Case No. 08 L 423


An 81-year-old female slipped and fell on ice in the parking lot at Vista Medical Center East. It was a clear and sunny day, but there had been some freezing rain a few days prior to the fall. Morrison & Morrison, hired an engineering expert to testify that the parking lot was defective as a result of a depression and inadequate drainage, which caused an unnatural accumulation of ice in the area where the plaintiff fell. As a result of this fall, plaintiff sustained a displaced fracture of her shoulder requiring surgery and a non-displaced fracture of her left humerus. The defense did not make any offers to settle this case prior to trial.
Queen Esther Young v. Vista Medical Center East, Lake County Case No. 09 L 648


Forty-two year old male was walking his bicycle along Waukegan Road in Deerfield, Lake County, Illinois on the shoulder at night when he was struck by a vehicle driven by the defendant. Defendant left the scene of the accident initially, but later reported it to the Deerfield Police Department. Plaintiff was airlifted to Lutheran General Hospital, but was unable to survive the traumatic injuries and died at the hospital. It was later determined that defendant was operating his motor vehicle above the legal limit and under the influence of alcohol. This case settled for the policy limits.
Angeline Martens v. Gerald Gold, Lake County Case No. 06 L 621


Twenty-two year old female was walking in her Waukegan neighborhood when she was attacked by two Pitt Bulls owned by her defendant neighbor. Through discovery, it was learned that these Pitt Bulls had bitten people on previous occasions. Plaintiff suffered from severe lacerations all over her body, including her head, face, neck and ears. She does have some residual scarring.
Kiara Lynn v. John Hodnik, Lake County Case No. 08 L 763


Morrison & Morrison, represented the owner of a strip shopping mall in Antioch when the Illinois Department of Transportation filed an eminent domain action to acquire a small strip of the parking lot to widen the highway. The Department had offered to pay the owner only approximately $50,000 for the taking of this small strip of land. Morrison & Morrison, presented expert testimony during a jury trial that the taking of the small strip of land would cause the market value of the remaining portion of the property to significantly diminish because numerous parking spaces would have to be relocated to an area which could have been used for future development.

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